Tom Tilert Smile Makeover at World Class Dentistry

Makeover Services: Porcelain Veneers

As a kid growing up my family was really pretty poor and the lowest items on the priority list for a large family was dental care. As a result, I only went to the dentist when there was a dental emergency, for example abscesses or tooth pain. Dentist office visits were therefore never particularly pleasant for me and I hated going. I only started receiving regular dental care when I joined the Army. But by that time it was pretty late for my teeth. As I got older my teeth got more and more stained and I knew I needed help.

A friend of mine had poor teeth and had her teeth redone and it totally changed her appearance and gave her a lot of confidence. Inspired by my dear friend, I googled cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota and found Dr. Morris/Bakke on the internet. I saw how professional they were and the spectacular results of their work. I also noted that they prided themselves on being world class and were teachers in addition to being extremely good practitioners. My first experience at the office was very positive. It was professionally done in a conference room and I felt like they were treating me like a colleague instead of a patient. We covered their holistic approach to dental reconstruction, the benefits of having a healthy mouth, a properly aligned bite and removal of old dentistry, as well as the proposed cost. My biggest concern going into the procedure was the appearance. I didn’t want a mouth full of chiclets. I had seen other work on friends and colleagues and I wanted my teeth to look good, but also natural. Dr. Morris assured me that the porcelain veneers I would be receiving would look like real teeth, including small striations and even slight imperfections and wouldn’t be absolutely uniform.

During the selection process, Dr. Morris showed me examples of the style of teeth I’d want to have wide variety of colors ranging from bright white to brown. I chose my new smile based on the pictures of prior patients and what I would feel comfortable with as far as the whiteness of the teeth. Dr. Morris explained the pros and cons of the different smiles and colors.

As a result, I am extremely happy with my new teeth and smile. I actually had to relearn how to smile. For the past few years I have hidden my teeth while smiling and laughing and I now have the confidence to show my teeth again. Most of my friends, family and colleagues don’t realize where the significant change in my appearance has come from until I tell them. They think I’ve lost weight.

My advice to people considering this procedure? Do it! And fly to Sarsota to have it done by Dr. Morris. The only suggestion I would have for Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke is to make sure their staff is happy and they retain them.

- Tom Tilert