Smile Design

Say hello to a new smile! You can discover the freedom of a beautiful smile that suits you with smile design by World Class Dentistry®and Facial Esthetics. Our name sums up the precision and breath-taking artistry that goes into each smile design in Sarasota.

A smile design is the process of creating a custom smile with stunning aesthetics and a healthy function. Dr. Morris has an impressive background of exquisite smile makeovers and renowned dental training.

What do you want in a smile? After evaluating your teeth and listening to your concerns, Dr. Morris will create a mock-up smile for you to see. Dr. Morris will then give you an exciting preview of your new smile, (on your actual teeth) so it’s easy to envision! Even subtle changes to the shapes, color, proportion and alignment can make a dramatic difference in your smile.

Check out Dr. Morris’ Sarasota smile design work on our smile makeovers page. You’ll see smiles with natural-based beauty and unmistakable confidence. Take the first step towards your own transformation and schedule a discovery call today!

All cases are actual patients of World Class Dentistry®