Melinda Huss Smile Makeover at World Class Dentistry

Makeover Services: Full Mouth Porcelain Veneers and Onlays

“I never looked in the mirror and thought I needed dental work. My smile looked ok to me and I always had regular dental care. However, issues still arose: receding gums, cross-bite, crooked teeth, old fillings, ill fitting crowns and TMJ. Dr. Bakke and Dr. Morris fixed it all. Theirknowledge is unbelievable and they are so well versed in the latesttechnology. The procedures were painless and I was made completely comfortable at all times. The follow up care was fantastic as well. I now have a healthy mouth. And while aesthetics was not my main focus, it isthe most noticeable of all of the changes. I now have a beautiful, perfect smile! Dr. Morris is an artist and her work reflects that. I am still amazed with all she accomplished.”

- Melinda Huss

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