Gum and Periodontal Disease

To enjoy a beautiful smile with longevity, you need healthy gums. The condition of the gums (also called periodontal tissue) is important for holding teeth in place and so much more. Did you know that an oral infection can let bacteria enter the rest of the body through the gums? This is just one reason Dr. Morris takes a thorough stance on maintaining ideal gum health, with the most gentle dental tools–including laser dentistry–in Sarasota.

Laser-Assisted Treatment of Gum Disease

Laser dentistry offers Sarasota patients of Dr. Morris the most comfortable gum therapy! Many patients have gums that bleed, and are completely unaware of it. When gums bleed, bacteria and toxins from the mouth enter the bloodstream. From there, they can travel throughout the body and increase the risk of systemic effects, such as heart disease or diabetes complications.

The dental laser is a welcome advancement from the older method of the scalpel and sutures! Dr. Morris uses a CO2 laser to treat inflamed gums with large pockets. The benefits of Sarasota laser dentistry by Dr. Morris are many:

  • It’s virtually painless!
  • No shots or numbing are necessary!
  • Gums heal very quickly – healing begins during treatment
  • The laser kills bacteria and viruses
  • Gums are never cut (unlike the scalpel method)
  • Laser promotes gum reattachment from the bottom of the pocket up
  • Medication, great home care, and laser treatments help prevent the return of gum disease

Request your appointment with Dr. Morris today, and learn how laser dentistry can keep you healthy.

Before & After Cases

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