Bone Grafts, Sinus Lifts & Blood Enhancers

With procedures such as bone grafts, sinus lifts and blood enhancers, nearly anyone can get a dental implant. Dr. Burr Bakke, our implant dentist in Sarasota, is thoroughly qualified to perform all of these dental restorations. When the jaws don’t have enough healthy bone or when the sinuses are too close to the upper tooth sockets, Dr. Bakke can help!

Bone Grafts

Dental implant patients need sufficient and healthy bone tissue where the implant will go. The reason dental implants function so well is because they bond with the bone. If our Sarasota implant dentist, Dr. Bakke determines you do not have enough bone to successfully support an implant, a bone graft will generate the bone you need.

World Class Dentistry and Facial Esthetics® has the best dental equipment on hand, including two centrifuge machines. A very small amount of your own blood will help you grow new bone where you need it. Dr. Bakke uses the centrifuge to get platelet-rich growth factors (PRGF) from your own blood, which promotes fast, safe and healthy healing. He can help you achieve the proper bone levels faster than you may imagine!

Another innovative procedure for bone grafts is bone morphogenic protein – setup a call Dr. Bakke to learn more about this today!

Sinus Lifts

The proximity of the sinus cavities can complicate the process of getting an implant in the upper jaw. Bone erodes after the loss of a tooth, which can leave only a thin layer of bone between the tooth socket and the sinus cavity. Think of the tooth socket as the roof of the upper jaw, which needs a strong foundation of bone between the floor of the sinus cavity. By implementing growth factors and a sinus lift, Dr. Bakke can increase the amount of bone between the jaw and sinus, gradually regenerating enough healthy bone tissue for a dental implant.

Blood Enhancers

Dr. Bakke takes over 200 annual hours of continuing education, making him an expert implant dentist in Sarasota. By understanding the latest growth factor technology, including the use of two centrifuge units, collagen fiber, platelet-rich growth factors (PRGF), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-derived growth factors (PDGFR), transforming growth factor beta (TGF), and the insulin-like growth factor (ILGF), Dr. Bakke can stimulate cell growth and regenerate healthy new tissue.

Dental implants require healthy bone levels and an environment free of infection. Dental implants on the upper jaw also need sufficient bone between the implant post and the sinus cavity. Sarasota implant dentist, Dr. Bakke is expertly trained in these areas, so he can take the stress out of meeting these requirements. Dental implants can radically change your life – request your consultation with Dr. Bakke so you can live in comfort and confidence!

Actual Patient

With bone grafts, sinus lifts, and blood enhancers, we can help anyone become a dental implant candidate!

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