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When I decided to have Dr. Morris address longstanding issues with my teeth and jaw, what I didn’t factor into the decision was the impact on my heath and my looks. My initial complaint was that I had broken another crown, and my teeth were shifting again. Dr. Morris took a broader look and explained that my issues were caused by the position of my jaw and prior dental work that had made my teeth smaller.

For years I have sought an answer to my chronic dental issues, but none of extensive dental work fix the problems.

Dr. Morris showed me where my jaw was too far back into my throat and was impacting my breathing. She explained how she would position the jaw where it belonged and rebuild the teeth to keep it there.

The process itself wasn’t difficult. Just some minor adjustments to what I ate so I didn’t break the temporaries.

The first noticeable change was that my lips had returned, and my jaw was more comfortable. What I have also experienced is that my tinnitus has quieted down and I sleep through the night. I wake up rested and have more energy.

I never considered the extent the changes she made would have on my looks. My straight bigger teeth are back, my face is more relaxed, and my friends are amazed at how much younger I look.

- Francine Hansen

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