Nicole Franklin Smile Makeover at World Class Dentistry

Makeover Services: Porcelain Veneers

“For most of my life, I have been embarrassed of my teeth and have avoided big smiles, especially in pictures. One day, I was looking for photos of my travels and adventures from over the years, and was shocked at how few I actually had of myself. While I had plenty of pictures of my family and friends smiling and having fun in the moments we had shared together, I had no evidence of my own joy from those experiences. The insecurities I felt about my smile had nearly deleted me from my best memories! That is when I decided to finally get veneers. I had seen other doctors in the past about veneers, but the idea seemed too big, too intimating, and I never followed through. However, Dr. Morris and her team replaced that fear with confidence by working with me to create a personalized smile that felt natural and beautiful – and will forever have  a lasting, positive impact on my life. Not only do I smile and express my joy more generously now, but I also have plenty of pictures of new memories to treasure.  I am so grateful for Dr. Morris and her entire team at World Class Dentistry who  blessed me with a beautiful smile and treated me with kindness through the entire process!”

- Nicole Franklin