Nancy Daniels Smile Makeover at World Class Dentistry

Makeover Services: Full Mouth Porcelain Veneers and Onlays

“I am very happy and pleased with my new smile and even happier with my new jaw alignment. Since my procedures, my jaw does not click and my bite is better. Working with you and your staff was a pleasure. Everything was done to accommodate me in the best possible way—from comfort pillows to the EFT experiences that helped me with my gag reflex. I had always dreaded dentists because of my gagging. I cannot believe how you solved my problem with your techniques. Also, when I had an emergency situation, your quick response on a Sunday left me with a sense of mental comfort that I would receive services no matter when or for what.”

“I truly feel your entire staff is customer focused. From answering the phone, accommodating schedules to expertise in performing their technical procedures. I can honestly say I had no pain and only very slight discomfort. But best of all was your very gentle professional manner. I had explored and researched several other services before I chose you. You truly had the most complete medical explanations and latest in technology. Your patience in answering my endless questions was appreciated. Lastly, my results exceeded my expectations. I feel much better about, not only my smile but also the functional quality of my jaw and mouth.”

“I will highly recommend you with any reservations for your services. World Class Dentistry®, with its remarkable dentists and staff, is truly a “first class operation” with first class results. Thank you so much.”

With Appreciation,

- Nancy Daniels

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