Straight teeth bring balance and harmony to the face and smile. Dr. Jill Morris understands the science of orthodontics. Her Sarasota patients can choose from orthodontic solutions that fit many ages and stages in life, including busy adults!

6 Month Braces & Adult Orthodontics

Patients age 18 and older can enjoy straighter teeth sooner than traditional orthodontics, with 6 Month Braces. Using discreet ceramic brackets and special wires, teeth can move into an ideal position – in just 3-6 months! The technology of brackets and wires is effective at creating the cosmetic outcome you desire, while maintaining a cosmetic appearance during treatment. The time you spend in 6 Month Braces will fly by while your teeth become straighter and more balanced. Call today – your most confident smile could be closer than you think!

Cranial Orthopedics

Sometimes, the entire chewing system never properly develops. When this happens, the teeth and jaws have yet to reach their intended bite position, affecting facial appearance, chewing function and more. Cranial orthopedics “turns genetics back on,” meaning Dr. Morris can jump start the body’s natural ability to correct the bite!

With a removable appliance worn only in the evenings and at night, you can start bringing teeth and jaws into alignment. Our cranial orthopedics patients get a whole lot more than straight teeth: smiles become wider, less gummy, straighter, and evenly proportioned. The structural changes even make faces more attractive (which Dr. Morris refers to as a “DNA facelift”). In addition, the jaws are favorably repositioned which opens the airway and reduces snoring, which especially benefits sleep apnea patients.

The process of cranial orthopedics (or epigenic orthodontics) in Sarasota by Dr. Jill Morris is truly fascinating. Some patients never completed their childhood growth process, and their face and head can finally fully develop, and look great! In particular, the chin and cheeks look more defined – vastly improving the entire facial profile!

Dr. Jill Morris offers some great options to look and feel better about your smile. Learn which method of orthodontics in Sarasota will best serve you – call World Class Dentistry and Facial Esthetics today!

Actual Patient

Before & After Cases

Cayla had traditional orthodontics and came to our office with jaw joint pain.  Through our growth orthodontics which took just a few months, we opened her airway, eliminated her pain and gave her a more balanced face and profile.





All cases are actual patients of World Class Dentistry®