Dyan Baker Smile Makeover at World Class Dentistry

Makeover Services: Dental Implants

“I was involved in a major car accident 35 years ago and had endured multiple surgeries and oral reconstruction. I moved to Sarasota still trying to find a resolution to my reconstruction but felt my case was too extreme to hope for an improvement. I found World Class Dentistry and Dr. Bakke online and was drawn to the amazing results of his patients. At my consultation, I felt Dr. Bakke had a true concern and dedication in helping me. He gave me 2 options and was meticulous taking pride in his work. His attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations. I now have “me” back and am ecstatic about my security and comfort with my new smile. My life saver is Dr. Burr Bakke and I believe he was there for me just for this reason. I am a blessed woman to have World Class Dentistry, Dr. Burr Bakke and his great staff. Thank you from my “heart”.”

- Dyan Baker