Alternatives to Crowns

Many dental patients are familiar with crowns. In Sarasota, crowns are preferred by many dentists, yet Dr. Jill Morris favors an alternative restoration for a damaged tooth. An all porcelain solution from Dr. Morris preserves natural structure, strengthens the tooth and offers conservative results.

A porcelain insert, or onlay, requires less drilling away of healthy tooth structure when a tooth has damage from decay, fracture, or a failing mercury filling. Drilling to prepare for a crown can introduce risk of nerve damage or the eventual need for a root canal. Instead, a porcelain insert can be shaped to replace the necessary tooth structure.

A Beautiful Solution

Dr. Morris offers porcelain inserts (or crown alternatives) that are metal-free and made of high quality porcelain. The insert will blend in with your tooth, provide long-lasting resiliency and maintain healthy bite pressure. Dr. Morris can preserve more of your natural tooth surface, while enhancing its strength.

If you have tooth pain or are concerned about older fillings on your teeth, call World Class Dentistry® and Facial Esthetics about alternatives to crowns in Sarasota. Dr. Morris can keep your smile strong and beautiful!

Actual Patient

Before and After a dental crown was placed in our Sarasota practice