Lasers and Periodontal Disease

Aug 3, 2012

This is one of those tools in dentistry that has actually shown immediate results from the first day it is used.

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you have been told you have deep pockets in your gums or minor periodontal disease, this may be a great treatment for you.

Lasers and Periodontal Disease

The laser is used after complete cleaning of the teeth by ultrasonic cleaners. The cleaners actually break up the bacterial colonies found in the gum tissue/pocket areas. The laser can then reach the infected tissue and tooth structure to completely eliminate the bacteria and cauterize/sterilize the area. This allows for rapid healing and even tissue regrowth to the side of the tooth eliminating the pocket area over a short period of time.

Several visits are usually involved to completely treat the area. These visits are every 2 weeks until the pocket depth is removed and home care is possible to maintain the areas. Rarely is only one treatment adequate.

The laser treatments are pain and discomfort free! They do not require a “shot” but we do use a topical anesthetic in and around the tooth and gum tissue to eliminate any potential pain issues.

When the Hygienist, can administer the laser, without the Doctor doing the treatment, as it is today in Florida, then I fully believe we can totally prevent gum disease with cooperative patients.