About Dr. Burr Bakke

Jun 20, 2012

Dr. Bakke was a chief clinical instructor at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies where he educated dentists from around the world. He is at the forefront of his field in implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and neuromuscular orthodontics, a revolutionary type of orthodontics that positions the jaws in correct relationship with the alignment of the body. Dr. Bakke has earned a reputation for excellence. He is a 1980 Graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and has been in practice twenty-four years at the Dallas Center of Aesthetic Dentistry. He has relocated to the state of Florida to be a part of Dr. Jill Morris’s World Class Team. Both Doctors are official judges of the Mrs. Globe pageant and teach nationwide to dentists from around the world about aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry.

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Incredible service using advanced technology is the hallmark of Dr. Bakke.
He is known internationally for his “non-surgical dental face lifts”, a revolutionary procedure to return your face and smile to a relaxed, more youthful appearance in as little as two visits. “It’s amazing how much better the quality of life is for a person
who has experienced what the forefront of dentistry has to offer. By correctly aligning the bite and jaw with beautiful porcelain restorations, my patients gain a miraculous new smile and facial contour.”

Curriculum Vitae

College: University of Alberta
Degree: BS. 1976
Doctorate: Baylor College of Dentistry
Degree: DDS 1980

Post Doctorate Education – Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)

  • Anterior Esthetics Course 1998
  • Posterior Esthetics Course 1998
  • Master Anterior Esthetics Course 1999
  • Occlusion I & II 1999
  • Occlusion III (TMD) 2000
  • Occlusion IV (TMD) 2000
  • Occlusion V (TMD) 2001
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation Course 2000
  • Blatchford Management Continuum 1999
  • Neuromuscular Rehab for Edentulous Patients 2004
  • Neuromuscular Orthopedic Orthodontics 2004
  • Neuromuscular Dental Implants 2004
  • Misch Institute for Implant study S-I Jan.2005
  • Misch Institute for Implants S-II April 2005
  • Pikos Institute for Bone Grafting 2004


  • Gerber and Mazzacco 2000 – 2001
  • Neuromuscular Orthodontics I 2004

TMD Courses:

  • Mazzacco Course 2000
  • Mazzacco and Gerber TMD Course 2000 – 2001
  • LVI Advanced Scan Interpretation 2002
  • Occlusion and TMD with Gerber and Mazzacco 2001 – 2004
  • Neuromuscular advanced studies LVI 2002 – 2004
  • Endodontics: Dentsply Course 2000
  • Den Mat Esthetics Course 1998
  • Kerr Lecture series 2001
  • Ivoclar Lecture series 2002
  • Multiple home study DVD courses

Lectures and Articles:

  • LVI
  • Staff Education 2000
  • Dr. Blatchford Continuum 1999
  • Axis Dental Lecture 2002
  • LVI Continuum – Dallas 2001
  • Published Articles in Inform, New Image, Park Cities People, LVI Visions and Scene Magazines
  • Twelve Monthly articles in Doctor of Dentistry
  • Quarterly Community Lectures
  • Monthly Community Lectures