Zirconia Implants and All On Four™ Technology

Sep 5, 2014

What makes Zirconia Implants different?

Zirconia dental implants are made from Zirconium, a porcelain glass material. After processing and “centering” the material, it is metal free and incredibly strong. In fact, the porcelain crowns we use today are Zirconia. Metal implants are made of Titanium alloy.

Any allergies or sensitivity to them?

At present, there are no known allergic responses to Zirconia implants, where Titanium now has between 5 and 12% of the population allergic to it. Zirconia implants are very tissue friendly and we find the tissue grows around the implant beautifully.

How do they look?

Zirconia implants are white in color, very tissue adaptable and make for beautiful color matching capabilities to the new crowns. Conversely, any metal that gets exposed in a Titanium implant looks gray and can show through from under the tissue. Not so with the Zirconia implant.

Do they corrode?

Zirconia is a biocompatible material that is resistant to chemical corrosion, nor will it conduct electricity or heat. As a bio-inert material, it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to other areas in the body, or interfere with the maintenance of optimal oral health.

How long have they been in use?

Zirconia implants have been used in Europe for 15 years. They were approved by the FDA in the United States 4 years ago. Many European experts who have done testing and studies have begun using Zirconia implants exclusively.

What else is new in implant technology?

The All On Four™ technology allows for implants and fixed teeth to be placed the same day as the surgery.