Your Ceramic Tooth Restoration

Aug 15, 2014

Why You Need Us For Your Ceramic (Zirconium) Tooth Restoration

As consumers we get in the habit of looking for fast results and low cost. Sometimes the really important components of a purchase get set by the wayside. There are dental practices out there who cater to that market group. This definitely compromises the entire procedure and ultimately the failure rate for any kind of restoration increases.

What is true for cars, shoes, home appliances and anything else that we purchase to improve our lives is true for your mouth, sounds funny, I know. You want the best, and ultimately you are investing in your personal health and longevity. A high quality pair of shoes are made to be worn, serviced, even resoled; a good car will be with you for several hundred thousand miles (should you desire) There are always comparable choices with shoes, cars and everything in between. As consumers we do recognize the difference between comparable and inferior.

I would urge you to investigate the options for tooth restoration with the same vigor. I’ve made an easy reference list to help with your research:

  • Does the practice offer ceramic implants?
  • Do they have the specialized training and equipment in-house?
  • Can your doctor and their support staff comfortably answer direct questions about the procedure itself?
  • Does the practice have an integrated procedure for adequately addressing anxiety, fear and even pain management options?
  • Are the procedures offered advanced and current with modern medicine or are they outdated and inadequate in comparison to the most current and recommended procedures?
  • Is your current doctor knowledgeable and educated on metal allergies and the science related to the detrimental effects that metal in the body can have?
  • Is your current Doctor able and willing to keep highly skilled support staff in order to assure that he has adequate staffing to accommodate clients and keep scheduling flexible?
  • Does your Doctor participate in continuing education programs that further their knowledge and their staff’s knowledge on topics such as ceramic implants?
  • Will your Dental Office be around tomorrow to continue to take care of you and address any issues you have over the coming years?
  • We are innovative and experienced. We know our procedures are the best offered and we take measures to ensure we offer you the best kind of care and the most advanced and highest recommended procedures that medicine has to offer. We do this because we know you are counting on us to give you the best. Counting on us to know and understand what makes a ceramic restoration so important to a healthy viable mouth and to trust that you can explicitly rely on the information we have available.

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