Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Dental Implants

Jun 8, 2014

You’ve got the diagnosis, heard your options and now you are doing your research. Your dentist suggested a ceramic implant. Oh Boy. Now there’s no getting around it, you know that it will involve surgery and it seems kind of scary. Ok. Maybe really scary. Maybe you have even put off having the restoration performed. Yes, you know already that the passing of time means more bone loss and less optimal conditions, except that surgery seems so daunting, and yeah, scary too.

Here is the deal. The facts are that a relatively healthy person has as much to worry about having surgery as they do going to the grocery store. That may not seem like I understand your concerns, but my point I need to make is that surgery is the safest and easiest it has ever been.

I know we have all heard some horror story about a surgery from a neighbor, a co-worker, our friend’s second cousin’s uncle. No doubt the details are sketchy. “What’s-her-name’s-best friend’s-grandma” who had the one-thing. Heck, maybe you just have a really good imagination and you haven’t got a story, I get it. Clients who come in for routine check-ups and cleanings find themselves occasionally overwhelmed. So it’s understandable that considering a bigger procedure might initiate a higher level of angst.

How about we try and clear as much of the rhetoric as possible. Yes, it can be overwhelming, so we will start small.

  1. Empower yourself. Get an amazing dental team. One that listens. Has exceptional staff and expertise. (Check)
  2. Communicate with that team. Tell them your fears and apprehensions. Be open to letting them reassure you. They know what they are doing and want you to know they do this because they are passionate about best medicine, your quality of care and helping people.
  3. Remember, your surgery is being carried out by an expert, with expert assistants. They don’t just make wild guesses about how to keep you safe and comfortable; they are trained, use special instruments and tools to carefully and expertly ensure that you get the best procedure and recovery possible.
    – Your Dentist is an expert. Ceramic implants require precision and special training; they also require a real desire to offer the best possible medicine for you. (check again)
  4. The longer you put off this extremely beneficial treatment, the more you compromise your best possible overall health. (How am I doing so far?)
  5. Consider all the positives from following through on this option.
    – Ceramic implants can last your entire life with no extra care than what your natural teeth need.
    – Ceramic implants help maintain jawbone density.
    – Alternatives to implants compromise the teeth next to the affected tooth and can (and do) lead to more dental procedures.
    – You’re going to look and feel great.
  6. Pain management. Pain can be the scariest thing to think about. (That is why I saved it for last.) Take a deep breath. There are amazing options now in dentistry. Everything from nerve blocks to oral medication and everything in- between. These days expect your dentist to know all about the options, be versed in pain management and be considerate of what works for you. In the long run, expect some discomfort but nothing that is unmanageable or worthy of genuine fear.

    We are here to help. Our entire staff is selected based on their enthusiasm for providing the highest quality care and genuine desire to help people. You won’t wake up and feel differently just because you let another day go by. Let us take care of you. Often times big decisions seem much more daunting than they really are, once you embark on the journey. Give us a call.