Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club resident is smiling again after finding perfect custom look

Dec 13, 2017

Patricia Gaines wanted to improve her look. 

With every passing year, the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club resident noticed her teeth slowly beginning to deteriorate. Patricia didn’t think much about it at first, but over time, she realized it was time for her to get her perfect smile back. 

Patricia had seen ads on television for Dr. Jill Morris, an accredited cosmetic dentist who co-owns World Class Dentistry in Sarasota with her husband, Dr. Burr Bakke. Those ads combined with positive feedback she had heard from a friend who had seen Dr. Morris prompted Patricia to make an appointment last spring. 

“I just thought I could have a better look,” says Patricia. “I’m older and when you start getting older, your teeth look older too.” 

Since then, Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke have created a personalized cosmetic plan for Patricia, which includes dental implants. 

In addition to improving her look with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Morris also has been treating Patricia for gum disease after discovering some minor gum issues. Dr. Morris initially treated Patricia’s gums with laser therapy. The laser is used to kill any bacteria, viruses and funguses that are traveling through the gum tissue. 

Every day, in addition to brushing her teeth, Patricia also completes a regimen that includes flossing with a water pick, using mouthwash with a probiotic for the mouth and taking vitamins. 

“My mouth feels very clean and fresh when I use their regimen,” says Patricia. “The tissue is much better and the gum disease has improved tremendously.” 

Patricia is still in the process of completing her cosmetic dental work and expects to be finished sometime in March or April 2018. 

“It takes awhile, but I would say we are on target,” says Patricia. “I think they are very professional.”