The Family Behind the World Class Dentistry Smile

The Family Legacy of World Class Dentistry

Dr. Burr Bakke,
Implant Dentist

Dr. Jill Morris,
Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Cameron Johnson,
Implant Dentist

Kelton Johnson,
In-House Lab Technician

Sydney Johnson,
Smile Designer

Testimonial Videos

Veneer and Implant Dentistry Testimonials

Kurt’s Smile Makeover: Cosmetic Veneers

Dyan’s Smile Makeover: Cosmetic Dental Implants

Robert’s Smile Makeover: All-On-4 Dental Implants

Diane’s Smile Makeover: Full Mouth Restoration

Sandy’s Smile Makeover: Veneers

Sherry’s Testimonial: Porcelain Veneers

Jim’s Testimonial:
Full Mouth Restoration

Richard’s Testimonial:
Dental Implants

Mrs. Solo’s Testimonial: Dental Implants

Nora’s Testimonial:
Full Mouth Restoration

Mary’s Testimonial:
Dental Implants

Marty’s Testimonial: Dental Implants

Julio’s Testimonial:
Full Mouth Restoration

Carol’s Testimonial:
Full Mouth Restoration

A Deeper Look at What we Do

Gum Disease
Awareness Month

Same Day All on 4®
Dental Implants

Indirect Bonding
of Braces

Dental Implants 
Explained by Dr. Bakke

Cosmetic Dentistry
Explained by Dr. Morris

World Class
Dentistry Intro



TMJ Pain 
& Headaches

Dr. Chao Pinhole
Gum Rejuvination

Lasers for
Gum Disease

Options for
Denture Wearers

Single Implants for
Front Teeth

Sarasota Cosmetic Dentistry Intro

“Meet World
Class Dentistry”